I am a freelance food stylist and culinary consultant. I have been in the food creation biz for over 30 years. I have worked through many varied positions, including chef, pastry chef, personal chef, culinary instructor, cake decorator, bakery research and development, quality control, corporate test kitchen manager, cookbook developer, food product developer and now, primarily food stylist.

I live in St. Charles, IL with my husband, Agustin and our two boys, Tulio, who is 16 and Danny, who is 13.  My husband and I met in Seattle, when I was the pastry chef for an Italian restaurant called Tulio Ristorante (Yes, we named our son after the restaurant!),  and he became the bread baker. We lived in Seattle for 8 years and then moved to Mexico for a year, living in Salamanca (where my husband is from) and Guadalajara.  We moved back to Illinois to live near my family.

I love what I do and feel that I have found the perfect work for my skills and personality. I am grateful for the opportunity to work on new projects with other talented, creative people everyday!

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